Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I immediately wished I had grabbed a sweater on my way out the door. It doesn’t get to cold here in Bon Temps Louisiana, but tonight was one of those nippy nights. As I was making my way towards Bill’s I stopped at a certain tombstone. It caught my eye, just as it had that day after Gran’s funeral. I looked down at the cracked stone, William Thomas Compton. That was my Bill. I could feel a tug at my heart, Bill had been torn away from his family, his wife and beautiful children, before he could make it back home after fighting in the Civil War. Once again I cursed Lorena, for what she had done to him. Snap out of it Sookie. He was not my Bill any more.
I looked around me, just out of habit as I was walking toward his house. You would think after all I had been through walking through a dark cemetery at night wouldn’t bother me one little bit, but it did. My pace quickened, and as I stepped into the clearing, I could see Bill standing on his porch. I should have know he would hear me coming. Bill wasn’t as striking as Eric, but he was defiantly handsome. With his dark hair and southern charm, he had been hard for me to resist. I had to pause for a moment and catch my breath. I was really going to do this. Face my demons, and talk to Bill. Well, here goes nothing.
Bill said my name with that southern drawl in his voice. Ouch. Another stitch ripped out of that open wound.

“Hey, Bill. You busy?”

“Not at all Sookie, come on in.” Bill turned and headed back into his house and I followed.

“I miss you being here Sookie. I miss talking to you. I miss just being with you.”

“ I didn’t come here to talk about how much you miss me Bill.” I spat back at him.

“Sookie…you know I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to hurt you. You can’t even begin to understand the pain it causes me to know that I’ve hurt you. I loved you, Sookie. I still love you. I would give everything to be with you again, to feel you in my arms, to smell the sunlight on your skin, in your hair.” He closed his eyes and looked down at his feet.

“I loved you too Bill. I gave you everything! I gave you myself Bill! I had never been with another man before you! And you took that from me, knowing full well what you were doing. That you didn’t love me. That the queen sent you for me! You may have loved me afterwards, but I loved you from the beginning!” My blood was boiling and my fists were balled at my sides.
“Sookie, I can make this right, I need you to be mine again.”

“Well, thats just not going to happen.” I said sharply, suprising myself with the tone in my voice.

“It’s because of Eric isn’t it?” Oh crap. This was a sore subject for both Bill and I.

“No, Bill, it’s not because of Eric. Well, maybe a little because I am bonded to him now. I don’t know. I haven’t been able to sort things out yet. But, regardless of what happened or will happen between Eric and I, it doesn’t concern you and it doesn’t change what you did to me.”
“God Dammit Sookie! I knew it! He will hurt you, he doesn’t care about you!” The rage was building in his voice, and the tears were welling up in my eyes. Bill was getting closer and closer to me. Normally, he wouldn’t scare me at all, but this was a side of Bill I had not seen before. His eyes were wild with rage, and I couldn’t hold in my fear any longer. I started shaking and sobbing. This wasn’t the Bill I knew at all. His cool hands gripped my arms with such force, I thought for sure he was going to break them. I wanted to run, but I couldn’t get away. I yelped in pain, but it seemed as thought he had no idea he was hurting me. Before I knew what was happening, the front door was practically ripped off the hinges and Bill was on his back on the floor, knocked out. Towering over him, fangs down, trembling with rage was Eric.

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