Monday, January 19, 2009

Chapter 2

Authours Note: It's short, I know. But I gotta cook dinner!!

Chapter 2

I took a deep breath. Stupid blood bond. I should have known. Of course, he would show up to ruin my peaceful night. The simple fact that I was even a little excited to see Eric made me want to run and hide. But of course, he would be able to find me. I cursed the blood bond again, took another deep breath and opened the door.
“Well, Hello lover.” Eric leered down and me. I suddenly became aware that I was standing there in my bath robe. I’m sure he was enjoying this.
“Eric, I’m not your lover.”
“Dear one, you have been my lover, and you will be my lover again.” What do you say to that? I could do nothing but let out a big sigh and roll my eyes.
“Why are you here, your disturbing my peaceful evening?” I tried to hide the excitement in my voice. I wouldn’t want Eric’s ego to get any bigger than it already is.
“You know why I am here we need to talk.” He was right; as much as I hated to admit it…we needed to have that talk. Eric could not have picked a worse time to talk. Here he was standing on my porch, looking amazing in a fitted black t shirt and jeans, and here I was hair stringy and wet in my bath robe of all things. Going against my better judgment, I invited him in.
“Come in, Eric. Can I get you something to drink?” I was a Stackhouse and that meant I was a good hostess.
“No thank you lover.” God, that sent chills down my spine when he called me that, and he knew it.
“Look, I don’t think tonight is the best time to talk. I haven’t seen you in weeks and you just pop in here, expecting me to drop everything just to talk to you.”
“Do you have something more important to see to, lover?” Here he goes again, calling me lover.
“Eric, I’m just not ready.” I needed to talk to Bill. I didn’t want to tell him that, but I’m sure he knew. Another stitch had been ripped out of that open wound, and I knew Eric could feel it through the bond.
He looked down at me, those icy blue eyes blazing. “ Sookie, I will wait until you are ready. Call me when you want to talk my lover.”
He bent down and his cool lips lightly brushed my cheek. He turned and was out the door, before I could regain my composure. Who knew that a little kiss could have such an effect on someone? I turned and headed back to my bedroom and pulled on an old sweater and blue jeans. I pulled my hair in a pony tail and set on the edge of my bed to gather my thoughts. I had to talk to Bill, and I had to do it now. I slipped on my shoes and headed out the front door and across the cemetery.


  1. You have captured Sookie's narrative voice really well. I hope you have time to write a whole string of new adventures in the life of Sookie Stackhouse you do it so well. You understand how they act and interact. Kudos!

  2. Hopefully there is a part 3, this is really good.

  3. I just discovered you. You are a good writer. I cant wait to read the rest of your stories