Monday, January 19, 2009

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: The characters in the following story belong to Charlaine Harris. I do now own or have any rights to the Southern Vampire mysteries and the characters.

Authors Note: This is my first attempt at fan fiction. In this story Sookie must come to terms with the fact that her relationship with Bill is over, and her relationship with Eric is just beginning. If you decided to review...please be gentle. I look forward to any input you have to offer!

Chapter One

I couldn’t help but watch the clock. Wasn’t my shift over yet? My mind was racing with not only my thoughts, but the thoughts of every other human being in this bar. Just another day for crazy Sookie Stackhouse.
“Sookie, you can go now.” Sam’s voice snapped me back to reality, just in time. I was about to attend the Sookie pity party.
“Thanks Sam, it’s been a long day.”
Sam was my boss at Merlottes, and one of my closest friends. Did I mention he’s a shape shifter? It’s actually kind of comforting, being around him, he doesn’t broadcast as clear as most people. I try to avoid reading his thoughts anyway. Sam took a step toward me a place his hand on my shoulder.
“Everything okay, cher?”
“Yeah Sam, I’m fine.”
“You sure?”
“Promise Sam, I’m totally fine.”
I reassured him, I really didn’t want to have this conversation with Sam. Although, it was nice to know that some one still cared about me. That was more that I could say for two other men in my life. As I walked out the employee entrance to my Malibu (thank you Tara) my mind began to wander again. Back to Bill. Ick Bill. That stupid bastard. He was the first man, well vampire, that I had loved. And what did he do to me? Left me for that stupid bitch Lorena…who I staked, thank you very much. I could feel my blood boiling under my skin; did I really want to go down that road? No, not now not tonight. I felt like I still needed some kind of closure, something that finally said it’s over. It didn’t help that he was my neighbor. Yeah that’s right, former lover boy, lives right across the cemetery! What can I say; I’m the luckiest woman alive. Hah! My heart still has this open wound that needs healing and every time I think about him, it’s like ripping out the stitches.
I could feel the tears well up in my eyes as I turned my Malibu onto Hummingbird Road. Bill was pretty much my first everything when it came to men and relationships and all that good stuff. I needed some kind of closure, I just didn’t now how to get it. I needed to talk to him, but did I really want to put myself through that. Every time I thought of him and what he did to me, I didn’t know whether to cry or beat him! As if little old me could do any harm to a vampire!
I turned onto my gravel driveway, not bumpy at all thanks to Eric. Ouch. Eric, that was another sore spot. I still had to have a talk with him. I’ve been avoiding it. But you can’t really blame me. Eric was my second lover, and we share a blood bond. Eric didn’t remember our time together until recently. Having a talk about “feelings” with a one thousand year old vampire, wasn’t exactly high on my to do list!
I pulled up in from of my house, shut off my car, and bit my lip. I was trying so hard to hold the tears in, and I didn’t know if I could much longer. I could feel the burn in my throat as my eyes began to water, oh great here comes the water works. I opened the door to the car and stepped out into the cool night as the security light clicked on. For some reason that stupid light made me feel safe. Which in reality the only difference it would make would be that I could clearly see whatever it was that was coming to get me.
“Damn it, Damn it, Damn it!!” I cursed as I slammed the door, and kicked some of the gravel. Gran was rolling in her grave, southern ladies do not curse and throw temper tantrums like that! I felt like a child, angry because she didn’t get what she wanted.
As I walked toward the house, the tears began to flow. I was so exhausted. I dropped my purse on the table and walked into my bathroom. As I was taking off my work uniform, the tears were still coming. I stepped into the shower and as the hot water pounded into my skin, I began to sob. What had happened to my life? Where did I go wrong? Why was I so damn lonely? I cried until there were no more tears to cry. As I was reaching down to shut off the water, a feeling of calm washed over me. I stepped out and wrapped myself in a fluffy white towel. That feeling of calm and contentment continued to wash over me. Great now I’m having mood swings. I picked up my brush and was brushing my hair out when I heard the doorbell. Who could it be at this hour? Just great. I wrapped my robe around me and headed for the door. As I got closer and closer to the door, I could feel my excitement building. I stood on my tip toes to get a peek at who was on the other side of my door. Great. Absolutely fan freakin tastic! On the other side of my door was six feet four inches of blonde Viking. Eric.

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